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Peace of mind.

Take the stress out of HVAC maintenance.

Friendly annual service reminders.

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Club K & J members enjoy:

  • 20% Discount on service parts

  • FREE Annual 21 point inspection and cleaning of heating or cooling system

  • Friendly reminder when it’s time to clean and service your AC and/or furnace

  • Priority Service

  • The K & J Guarantee

  • The K & J Experience

  • NATE Certified Technicians

  • Fair, Up Front Pricing

  • Stocked Trucks



K & J make maintenance easy.

Keep your furnace, air conditioner, humidifier,

and air cleaner running efficiently and safely.

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We all know the importance of regular, routine maintenance. But remembering to do it is a different story. Get the most out of your HVAC systems and protect your investment by signing up for Club K & J.

Created to make your life easier with an annual preventative maintenance. We are the perfect partner for maintaining furnaces and air conditioners.

Reduce the need for costly repairs and keep your furnace and air conditioner working at maximum efficiency. Our annual tune ups meet and exceed manufacturer and extended warranty requirements for recommended preventative service.



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K & J Heating and Cooling Comfort Care Specialist by TRANE
We Employ NATE Certified Technicians


Annual 21 Point AC Tune Includes:

  • Check Condensate Area

  • Check Air Filters

  • Clean Outside Unit and Coil

  • Lubricate Parts

  • Clean and Check Electrical Connections

  • Check Starting Capabilities

  • Check Thermostat

  • Check Safety Controls

  • Check Pressures of Refrigerant

  • Check Refrigerant Lines

  • Check Insulation of Refrigerant Lines

  • Check Refrigerant Level

  • Check Temperature Draw

  • Measure AC Unit Amp Draw

  • Inspect Air Handler

  • Look for Issues Caused by Rodents

  • Remove ALL Debris from AC Unit

  • Inspect Fan Blade

  • Inspect Fan Belts

  • Inspect Furnace Filter

  • Inspect Blower Motor

Annual 21 Point AC Tune Up for Heating System Includes:

  • Check Operation of Furnace

  • Lubricate Necessary Parts

  • Check Flame Sensor Operation

  • Clean Flame Sensor

  • Clean Ignitor

  • Check Pilot Light

  • Check Burner Operation

  • Clean Burners

  • Check Heat Exchanger Operation

  • Clean Heat Exchanger

  • Check Limit Control

  • Check Air Filter

  • Check Flue Pipe

  • Check Thermostat

  • Check Safety Controls Operation

  • Clean Safety Controls

  • Check Motor Operation

  • Clean Motor

  • Check Trap (90% of Furnaces)

  • Inspect Blower Motor

  • Check Fan Belts