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“From Kip’s first visit where he introduced me to his company and presented me with a proposal to the installation of my Trane furnace, K & J Heating & Cooling was outstanding in every aspect of my furnace replacement. He is honest, straight-forward, and reliable. His standard of workmanship and installation procedure is what other furnace companies consider ‘extra.’ I have asked my townhouse association to put K & J Heating & Cooling on our ‘Reliable Tradesmen’ list so the other 200 units here can also have an excellent experience for their HVAC needs.”

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3 easy steps to a new furnace…

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  2. Trust our trained experts to professionally install your new furnace.

  3. Relax in the warm air and feel confident all winter.


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What affects the cost of a new furnace?


Size Matters.

The size of your home and the square footage that needs proper heating will affect the size of the furnace needed. We will help you determine the appropriate furnace for your home during your free in-home estimate.

Be Efficient.

The more efficient furnaces save money on monthly utility bills because they use less energy to operate, but they do cost more upfront. Keep your family warm all winter and be kind to the planet with an energy efficient furnace installed by K & J.

Get Comfortable.

Features that increase comfort and efficiency. A furnace with variable speed blowers save money by running at higher speeds in colder temperatures and reduced speeds in warmer weather.


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FREE estimates on new equipment.

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Duct. Duct. Ductless.

Easy to install. Flexible. Compact.

HVAC where you need it.

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Ductless System Products


Install HVAC systems where running ductwork is difficult or costly.

Ductless systems make installing HVAC easy when ductwork is less than ideal. We install ductless systems both inside the home and outside.

Call K & J to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted service professionals for all of your ductless system needs.

Learn more about ductless systems.

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Precise comfort. Precisely.

Direct warm or cool air where you need it.

Room by room.

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Zoned System Products


Zoned systems make your home comfortable in every room and save you money.

Don’t use a level of your home often? Reduce energy bills by adjusting the temperature floor by floor and room by room.

Comfort is important. From panels to dampers to complete system kits, and applications of one zone, two zone and multiple, K & J Heating and Cooling, Inc. is your reliable zoning solution. We use top of the line manufacturers and can create a custom product solution to meet your needs.

Call K & J to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted service professionals for all of your zoning needs.

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Control freak.

Smart. Connected. or Traditional.

Control the temperature in your home.

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We carry top of the line thermostats to make controlling the temperature in your home simple and efficient.

Like the remote, take back control of the temperature in your home. We install smart thermostats that help you control your home from anywhere. If technology is not your friend, we are happy to install a traditional thermostat for you.

Call K & J to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted service professionals for all of your temperature control needs.

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Air Quality

Improve the health and comfort in your home

with an indoor air quality system.

Before you sneeze, call us please.


Humidifier Air Purifier Filters


Keep your home comfortable year-round with best-in-class indoor air quality systems backed by the best-in-DuPage service.

Indoor air quality is an important when it comes to keeping your home comfortable. Breathe easier with fewer allergens and contaminants.

Call K & J to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted service professionals for all of your indoor air quality needs.

Learn more about air quality.

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K & J Heating and Cooling, Inc. Are Your Local Trane Comfort Care Specialists.

We are your local Trane Comfort

Care Specialists and 11 time

Distinguished Dealer Award



How long does a furnace last?

HVAC repair or replace questions?

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You may need a new energy efficient furnace if…

Knowing if you need a new furnace or AC can be confusing and stressful. Below are some tips to help you decide if it is time to buy a new furnace or keep fixing the old one.

  • Furnace Unit is 15 years or older.

    The average lifespan of a furnace is 15-20 years. As a heating system ages, it may lose efficiency and need repairs more often.

  • Frequent repairs are needed.

    Like everything else, furnaces begin to breakdown as they get older. Save time and money by staying warm all winter with an upgraded furnace. Not sure, K & J offers FREE estimates on new furnace installations.

  • Furnace seems to be running more than it used to.

    Does it seem like your furnace has to work harder to keep your home warm? This may be a sign that you need an upgraded furnace installed.

  • Energy bills are higher than normal.

    Be environmentally friendly and save money by installing a new furnace.

  • Adding on or remodeling.

    Changing the layout of a home or building an addition may require a new heating system. An older furnace may not heat additional square footage efficiently and safely.



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How much does a new furnace cost?

Save money with our special offers and manufacturer rebates on new heating and cooling equipment.

Contact K & J today to schedule a FREE estimate on a new furnace installation.

How to improve air quality?

Relax in warmth this winter with a new energy efficient furnace partnered with increased indoor air quality.

We can help you find a clean air solution that fits the needs of your family.

Contact K & J today.

What size furnace do I need?

K & J makes installing a new furnace easy.

Schedule a time and day to meet Kip at your home to view new furnace options and receive a FREE all-inclusive estimate that fits your budget and timeline.

When the temperature drops, you can count on K & J to install your new energy efficient furnace quickly.

K & J’s professional technicians travel with vehicles that are as fully stocked as possible with new furnace and AC installation, annual preventative maintenance and repair service materials. At our warehouse, we store a large selection of sizes and models of furnaces & air conditioners. We also have a sheet metal shop where we can customize HVAC solutions to meet all of your indoor comfort needs.



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